Canna World

More About Buschland

BUSCHLAND is an Canna Indie Space Garage Project. Also visit BC.Guide for more information. Tell your friends or collegues if thy offer or looking for Jobs in the Canna Industries.
Thank you.

  • - 3D Cannabis Multiplayer World.
  • - Hang out with your Busch Friends.
  • - Playing Card and Board Games Together.
  • - Home of AMOC Card Game.
  • - NFT Card Shop & Marketplace.
  • - Busch Gallery.
  • - Busch Jobs.
  • - Busch Shops.

Buschland MMOG World

Served on Linux with UE5 & Matrix ++ Pixel-Streaming & Clients for optimized experience.


The Star in this World, and also your Avatar to expolore the BuschLand. AVASTARI


The funny CARDO, he is the Card HERO in AMOC the Card Collect & Breed Game. CARDO

Having Fun Together

Explore the Buschland an play different Games. Also get NFT Cards and fight hard about them.

  • # Running on Epic UE.     # Communication on MATRIX.     # Powered by BuschCoin.

Sitting with friends together at the space station and having fun to talk about starting new projects. Click here to learn more!

The Team is deep in Code... For a long-long Time...

Stay Home - Lost All...

Stand Up and Restart.

The Buschland Coin